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What We Do: Provide Our Clients With an “ROC”

“Return on Cost”−not to be confused with the standard ROC−is a term we coined which expresses our hope that our clients will consider the fees we charge as an investment rather than a cost. We are committed to producing the highest quality translations so that our clients can realize a “Return on Cost” in the form of increased growth and profit, or perhaps, as one happy client recently told us, “we were able to close our deal thanks to your translation.” This is our ultimate goal and the source of our greatest pleasure.

Services Offered

Types of Documents Translated:
・Research reports
・Presentation materials
・Fund manager reports
・IR materials
・Press releases
・Company brochures
・Internal documents
・Seminar & meeting materials
・Newspaper and magazine articles

Areas Covered:
・Fixed income
・Foreign exchange
・Structured finance
・Mergers and acquisitions
・Corporate strategy
・Corporate revitalization
・Real estate
A Few Examples:
・Weekly macroeconomic report
・Daily equity market report
・Weekly investment strategy report
・Weekly credit market report
・Quarterly credit market magazine
・Mortgage backed securities report
・Weekly foreign exchange report
・Strategy report for high net worth

Our current list of clients includes:

・Securities firms
・Investment advisors
・Insurance companies
・Hedge funds
・Rating agencies
・Consulting firms
・Finance divisions of non-financial companies
・Law offices
・Research institutes
・Business schools