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Who We Are: An Unparalleled Group of Professionals

global2j is a highly regarded translation company specializing in the vitally important field of finance and economics. We provide first-rate translation services primarily to major non-Japanese financial institutions, including many Fortune 500 companies.

Over the past ten years the world in general has become a much more complex place, and the need for specialists has grown accordingly. By restricting our translation work to one field and two languages (English and Japanese), we are able to stay on top of the latest trends and terminology in the rapidly changing world of finance, thus avoiding the mistakes often made by translation companies that cover a broader range of topics.

Our corporate mission is simple and uncompromising: to devote our entire efforts exclusively to the field of finance and economics in order to provide our clients with translation services of a caliber unmatched anywhere in the world−accuracy, readability and promptness.

Experts in our Field

global2j meticulously selects our translators and editors from hundreds of applicants each year; in fact, last year only 1% of all applicants qualified to work for us. All translations are done by native speakers of the language into which they are being translated, and are then “polished” and checked for accuracy by a native speaker editor (who must have at least five years experience in the research department of a non-Japanese financial institution.) This strict double-check system is one of the keys to the impeccable quality of our work.

In addition, with an eye toward nurturing talented translators for the future, we currently offer translation correspondence courses in the field of finance and economics, and often wind up hiring our own top graduates.

>>Kayoko Miyajima
     Founder & President
Kayoko graduated from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (major International Relations), and earned her MBA in London in International Business and Export Management. Before founding global2j in 2000, she worked as a financial corrrespondent for the Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Nikkei) in London and New York, covering central banks, stock exchanges and financial institutions. In addition to managing global2j’s translating services and courses, she also regularly contributes articles on translation to various Japanese magazines and websites.